February 2009 Meeting Recap

The presenter for Tuesday’s meeting was our own Woody Pewitt.  Woody is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft.  His topic was on Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform.

The meeting was sponsored by TekSystems who provided the pizza and gave away a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy.  Thanks to TekSystems for their support and their candid discussion on the current state of the economy in the tech sector.  They are one of the reasons that the group has a near 0% unemployment rate (the other being that our members rock!).

After everyone settled down with their pizza, there was a question and answer session about some of the problems members had faced during the previous week’s work.

Then Woody began his talk on Microsoft’s new Cloud Computing initiative and Windows Azure.  His talk broke down into four sections:

Cloud Computing vs. Onsite
He went over some of the tradeoffs when choosing a hosting platform, one which was control/customization vs scalability and availability.
He also showed us a video of the way Microsoft is using local data-centers to acheive global availability.  You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M36YrqMhrcY

He began by talking about where your app fits in the azure platform and the different ways it can interact with onsite computers
He described some of the services Microsoft is offering that make cloud computing easier: .NET Services, SQL Services and Live Services.
He also mentioned some of the hosting services that Microsoft provides namely Windows, Office, Exchange and Sharepoint hosting.

Live Mesh
Woody went into detail on one of the most interesting of the Live Services: Live mesh
Using mesh he showed how applications and data can be synchronized across multiple devices and multiple users.
The importance of this was underscored as my phone alerted me to a new twitter during the talk.
Woody described the underlying protocol behind Live Mesh, which is an extremely clever use of an RSS feed.

Live Azure Demo
Woody then stepped up to the plate and showed how to create a Windows Azure “Hello World” Web and Worker role project
He showed the Development Fabric and Storage system tray components that run locally, as well as how to deploy to the cloud.

After Woody’s talk we had the raffle which included: Vista, Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio, and lots of books.

After the meeting finished several us met for drinks and continued discussion at Red Robin.

Remember to join us next Tuesday (Feb 10th) for the admin planning meeting.  We really appreciate the help.

We will see you next month, and for those of you who like to plan ahead remember that April is our 15th anniversary, and we have lots of special things planned.

Scott Reed & Llewellyn Falco


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