April 2010 – Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who came to our April meeting. We had a large vocal  crowd this month. Thanks again to COMSYS Information Technology  Services, Inc. (http://www.comsys.com) for sponsoring the meeting and
providing pizza and soda.

Talk Downloads:
For slides for How Not to Suck at a Technical Interview (Brad  Cunningham) go to: http://blog.BradCunningham.net/SlideDecks/TechnicalInterview/Technica…

For slides and code for Fundamentals of Databinding in WPF (Paul Sheriff) go to: http://www.pdsa.com/pdsa/event.aspx?et=sddotnetdg

Planning Meeting:
Don’t forget our planning meeting is tomorrow night. This is your opportunity to help keep this group going by volunteering a little of your time each month. Please join us at:

Tio Leo’s
3510 Valley Centre Dr.
San Diego, Ca 92130

Tuesday April 13 @ 5:30


About dotNetDave
I live in San Diego, Ca USA

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