ROCK! – (Developer) Rockstars (in) Orange County Kickstart

It’s called “ROCK!” for “(Developer) Rockstars (in) Orange County Kickstart”. What this really means is that the Microsoft Retail Store in Mission Viejo, CA, in coordination with the SoCal Dev Event Team, is capitalizing on the fact that Microsoft’s Global Annual Web Development Conference of the Year, Microsoft MIX – that’s always held in Las Vegas, NV, USA – attracts the best Global Experts in Web Developing and Designing, and we’re conveniently located “in their flight paths”.

By attending any or all of these 3 FREE sessions at the store, you’ll be able to learn from the Best Experts in the World about what’s new in “state-of-the-art” web technologies, listen and watch them teach you how to implement these technologies for your company, and subsequently (because your web presence will be so compelling and intuitive) beat your competitors!

Each of the 3 FREE sessions will feature different Microsoft Rockstar Speakers – so come for 1 or all 3 sessions so that you don’t miss these very exclusive, intimate occasions to meet these International Leaders in their fields!

HOWEVER, due to the overwhelming popularity of being able to take advantage of these events, please be sure to RSVP for each session you want to attend: seats will fill up quickly! Don’t be left in the dark ages of web technologies – meet the Rockstars person-to-person!


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