ROCK!ON: (Developer) Rockstars (in) Orange County Kickstart Omniscient .NETer

It’s called “ROCK!ON” for – “(Developer) Rockstars (in) Orange County Kickstart”. (Ok, don’t laugh, it was difficult to find a word beginning with “O”…ROFL!), Extending Through MIX in the Evenings, Monday, April 11th – Thursday, April 14th for Local Devs Who Can’t Go To MIX.

You Can Still Vicariously be “At” MIX by Registering for these 4 FREE Events at the store, occurring during the evenings while the MIX Conference is happening!

Our local User Group Lead Reza Madani will MC each night. Each night will begin with streams or videos of Major Players at MIX giving the MIX “Highlights of the Day”, as well as some interesting interviews!

The “MIX Experience” will be followed by LOCAL ROCKSTAR SPEAKERS that will enhance the topics being discussed at The Conference on state-of-the-art Microsoft Web Technologies!

HOWEVER, due to the overwhelming popularity of being able to take advantage of these events, please be sure to RSVP for each session you want to attend: seats will fill up quickly!

For more info, go to:


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