SoCal Code Camp 2012 – Los Angeles

SoCal Code Camp Fun Facts:

Rumor has it that Captain James T. Kirk attended his first Code Camp in the year 2043 at the age of 10 and that the connections with other brilliant minds that he made at Code Camps enabled him to reprogram the Starfleet Academy computer to make the “no-win scenario” of the Kobayashi Maru test “winnable”.  This, again, is solid proof of the value of Code Camps!

Here’s a big THANK YOU for the Speakers, Sponsors, and Attendees who have engaged thus far!  The weekend of Oct 13/14 is shaping up to be another great event and an amazing value to all who engage!  It’s coming up fast so why not post your event and/or RSVP today?

As a reminder:

  • Meaningful tech and proficiency tips are … SHARED FREELY… by gurus and your developer peers.
  • YOU get to hang out with the experts and your “cool” developer peers which might lead to that that meaningful connection and/or information that takes YOUR career to the next level.
  • Attendees receive raffle tickets and a chance to win amazing raffle prize offerings.
  • Tickets to the FREE Geek Dinner will be available to Saturday attendees (while supplies last) which offer another opportunity to network with movers and shakers or to simply have some fun!
  • The Sunday lunch taco-bar is returning which is another great value-add for Code Campers!

Looking for some specific action items that YOU can do today to help make YOUR Code Camp the best ever (we’re psychic & we knew this was what you were thinking…)?

  1. RSVP if you haven ‘t already done so!  RSVP now at
  2. Submit a session HERE & share something of interest that could help others (scroll to the bottom to add a new session).
  3. Share (talk, blog, comment on other posts, tweet, etc.) about something Code Camp.  Here are some ideas:
    • “#SoCalCodeCamp .com @ USC on Oct. 13/14!  I just RSVP’d.  Have you?
    • “I just submitted <title of your session> for #SoCalCodeCamp .com @USC Oct 13/14.  Have you?”
    • “I’m excited about this year’s #SoCalCodeCamp .com @ USC Oct 13/14 for <state your reason>”
    • Or… “RSVP to #SoCalCodeCamp .com @ USC Oct. 13/14.  CU there!”.
  4. Sign up to volunteer at the Code Camp.  Learn more about volunteering HERE.

Remember to use hash mark #SoCalCodeCamp in your tweets!

For more information, you have two sites available to you:

  1.– This is the main interactive site where:
    • Attendees RSVP for Code Camp
    • Speakers Submit Sessions
    • ttendees Specify your sessions of interest
    • You ultimately personalize and print your schedule
  2.– This is an optional information-only site where you can:
    • Find details on how the Sunday raffles are shaping up
    • Speaker FAQ
    • Sponsorship FAQ
    • Volunteer FAQ
    • Links to picture galleries of past SoCal Code Camps @ USC
    • Link to campus maps and get additional tips about parking, etc.
    • Get a sense of the steering committee and sponsor User Groups.

A Special Thank You to PDSA, DiscountASP.Net, Microsoft, and Outsource Technical for stepping up to be financial sponsors this year. We encourage site visitors to click through to our sponsors’ sites.  Thank you to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering for hosting us again.  Additional financial sponsors and raffle prize sponsors will be posted as commitments come in.

That’s it for now.


Your SoCal CodeCamp LA V @ USC Steering Team


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