.NET Rocks VS2012 Launch Road Trip!


16620 W Bernardo Dr
San Diego California 92127
United States
Register by Phone: 1-877-MSEVENT (9AM-7PM EST M-F)
Language(s):  English.
Product(s):  Microsoft System Center, Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Azure.
Audience(s):  Designer, IT Decision Maker, IT Implem_IT Generalist, IT Manager and NonProfessional Developer.
Well, we’ve done it again!
We went and rented a big 37′ RV and booked another United States (mostly) Road Trip for the launch of Visual Studio 2012. No charge for admission.
At each stop we will record a live .NET Rocks! show with a guest star, whom we will fly in for the occasion.
Following that, the .NET Rocks hosts (Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin) will each do a presentation around building modern applications on the Windows platform. Carl leans toward development and client-side technology and Richard leans toward DevOps and server-side technology.
There will be food, drink, geeking out, and hopefully some alert locals will know of a pub where we can adjourn after the event to continue the conversation!

About dotNetDave
I live in San Diego, Ca USA

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