SoCalCode Camp San Diego SoCalCodeCamp 2013 July 27/28

Are you feeling a little behind on some new technologies? or do you just need a good summer geek out with a few hundred of your friends? Then you need to come to the SoCal Code Camp in San Diego to get your summer off to a great start!

Come See some great presenters talk on topics that you want to hear about! We already have more than 60 sessions of FREE Content and growing.

If you haven’t already registered at for the upcoming SoCal Code Camp to be held in San Diego- why not take a minute to do it now!?!?

Remember, CODE CAMP IS FREE!!!

July 27th & 28th
University of California San Diego (UCSD)
SoCal Code Camp
Code Camp is a place for developers to come and learn from their peers. This community driven event has become an international trend where peer groups of all platforms, programming languages and disciplines band together to bring content to the community. Come and join us for this FREE event on Saturday & Sunday, July 27 & 28, 2013 at UCSD Extension on the La Jolla campus. We have capacity for over 100 sessions delivered by your peers, and we’ll keep things lively at the geek dinner!

SoCal Code Camp begins Saturday, July 27th at 8am, and wraps up on Sunday July 28th at 4pm. Topics are always based on community interest and never determined by anyone other than the community. Since content is determined by the developer community it’s all about the code and very few power points!

Here’s some information about the event agenda so far:

Who will be speaking at Code Camp?
YOU are, YOUR PEERS are, and YOUR LOCAL EXPERTS are all are welcome! This is a community event and one of the main purposes of the event is to have local community members step up and offer some cool presentations! Don’t worry if you have never given a presentation before, we’ll give you some tips if you need help, and this a great opportunity to spread your wings. Of course, we do have some ringers on our speaker list as well.

Code Camp Web Site
From the Code Camp Web Site you can register, sign up as a speaker, get location details and directions, keep up to date with agenda, keep an eye on for more!

We hope to see you at SoCal Code Camp!
Code Camp Contributors We’d like to thank our generous contributors for making this event possible. So far our Code Camp contributors so this event include UCSD Extension (, PDSA Inc. (, Please also check out our long time product sponsors at (


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