.NET Expert Available For Contract Work

David McCarter (aka dotNetDave) and founder/ president of the San Diego .NET Developers group is available for contract work.


  • Over 20 years development experience with strong knowledge of utilizing object oriented programming techniques. Started using .NET beta 1 in production ½ years before it was released.
  • Extensive experience in all phases of development from program analysis/ design/ coding to shipping the final product and providing post-sales support. Lead/ directed teams up to 6 developers/ QA.
  • Microsoft MVP since 2006.
  • Author of the book David McCarter’s .NET Coding Standards, Microsoft Acronyms for .NET Programmers, Professional Visual Basic 2012 and .NET 4.5 Programming, David McCarter’s VB Tips & Techniques and VB Tips & Tricks.
  • Speaker at colleges, high schools and conferences such as Code Camp, VSLive, Microsoft.
  • University of California San Diego Extensions Teacher: Develops and teaches college level classes that including C# for Beginners, C# Programming I, C# Programming II, Building Rich & Interactive Web Applications with ASP.NET AJAX, Fundamentals of the .NET Framework, Architecting .NET Applications, VB.NET Programming I, Migrating Visual Basic 6 to .NET and .NET 2.0 University.
  • Creator and author of the web site dotNetTips.com.
  • President/ Co-Founder of the San Diego .NET Developers Group
  • INETA Community Excellence Award for involvement in the .NET community.
  • Inventor of a software printing system that was approved by the US Patient Office in May 2008.
  • Computer Science Advisory Board for National University and Mesa Collage, Member since 2011.
  • .NET Professional Certificate Review Board (UCSD) , Board Member , Member Since 2008


  • Proficient in: C#, VB.NET , ASP.NET (AJAX), .NET Compact Framework, ADO.NET, XML, HTML
  • Familiar with: Java Script, XSL, CSS


  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access
  • Other: SharePoint, IIS
  • Server Platforms: Microsoft Windows 2000 – Microsoft Windows Server 2003


Contact David by using the form below:

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